Starting a business

3 ways to starting a small business in 2021

Covid 19 has made many people reevaluate their personal and working lives. The option to starting a business has come to the fore in 2021.

The first question is what will your new business look like? Will you start straightaway or ease yourself in as a second income stream?

There are a number of options to consider:

Selling online

Some people start by selling using one of the many sites that buy and sell some as ebay, etsy etc. who allow you to set up ‘shops’ that help you establish a brand. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to start. What you need to consider whether you are selling stock you have bought or items you have made yourself. This is an ideal way to ‘test the water’ and see whether you are cut out for running a business.

Provide a Local service

There are a number of opportunities on your own doorstep. There is always room for provide a service locally: dog walking, gardening, cleaning windows/carpets, IT support, bookkeeping – the list is endless. You would be surprised how many successful business are based on simple services. One of my clients made a good living hoovering beds for customers with hotels and large houses!

Turn for job experience into a business

They say “playing to your strengths” so use your knowledge into a business. Everyone has the potential to turn knowledge into income. Consider using your expertise into a business – accountant, estate agent, IT expert, hairdresser – research your particular field and look into gaps in the market.